Makassar ebony wood

Wooden glasses moler. Ebony wood. Sahara model

The makassar ebony wood is a hard tropical wood, famous for its sleek appearance and its high price in the market. The makassar ebony wood color is characterized by black-striped brown or brown shades. Its fibers are usually straight, but it can be curved or woven. It is known for being extremely durable against rot. Noble wood, is also valued for its weight, quality, polishability and its fine texture. This makes that their productions are solid and long-lasting. 

From Africa and Asia, our ebony comes from Makassar (Indonesia). Its color, is one of those black more intense that is known, and has a density very high; It is one of the woods that sink into the water. 

Our ebony is treated by hand as always in our production workshop located in Silla, Valencia (Spain).