zebrawood wood glasses handcrafted in spain

The zebrawood is a relatively sparsely available wood. It will be more and more difficult to find a lot of this wood. So you have to appreciate more and more each of the pieces of this unique wood, the zebrawood. Hard and fine wood once polished. Yellow soft to brown, creamy white phloem; Light, shiny, closed, whitish...

Origin of the wood of zebrawood: America and South America; Brazil and Costa Rica. Originally from the Central and western part of the African continent (Cameroon, Gabon). 

In addition to the whitish sapwood, the heartwood of the Zebrano presents very numerous veins of brown, straw, brown, yellowish, contrasted, almost black or dark brown, which confers a striped appearance similar to that of the zebras, hence the name of zebrawood. Nowadays it is a wood that is used a lot in furniture and contemporary decorations. 

Even some, like ourselves, use zebrawood to give it a new shape, innovating in new creations such as our wood glasses. 

We treat it by hand taking care to the maximum all the details of sanding, polishing, polish, etc in our industrial premises of production in Silla, Valencia (Spain).