About us

Mōler is a 'made in Spain' brand of handmade wooden glasses that tries to take full care of all the details.

We are the imperfection of the craftsmanship and, perhaps, as it is seen, the complete unfinished and the continue and eternal search for the perfect work finished that never ever is going to find. 

Our design and our values are totally independent. We continue to fight because the whole of everything we do is not lost inside a world that works totally on the contrary.

And those things are also the works of author, sustainability, local businesses, personalized attention, differentiation in products and people, free thought and choice of each, the incessant attempt to improve the world, etc.

Innovative industrial brand, introduced before in the world of wood with more than 45 years of experience in the furniture and custom decoration sector (Cayuela Design), now also dedicated to supply and born of demand for differentiated and unique products.

Our wood products are manufactured at 100% in our industrial production factory. Everything related to Mōler will come out of this workshop, from the hands of our professional cabinet maker and the entire manufacturing team.

This is appreciated in that Mōler carries that special and indicative distinction that the manufacture is under the experience and the tenacity of the one who knows how to treat the wood, that there will be no other glasses or wooden products beeing exactly the same as ours, because in addition , we do not work for any other brand the Mōler designs and products.

Mōler is a family business, where is working Jose and Víctor J. López Camuñas

From there work with us other professional carpenters, who also lead a life dedicated to wood and other collaborators.

One life dedicated to wood. Mōler is born from our passion for wood.

In Mōler, at the beginning, we made glasses born of natural wood that we had managed to have after so many years working in this sector and no longer used for furniture and decoration. Now all that wood is finished with the production of our wooden glasses and has touched to renew new. The same for the by Mōler creations.

We use sheets as the zebrawood, rosewood and makassar ebony wood. You can see the descriptions of these woods here.

Our wood comes from sustainable plantations created to manufacture industrial products that take care of the ambient media and organizations like ours, who fight against deforestation and the mistreatment of the world that surrounds us.

We make spectacles of wood that are cared to maximum detail, dedicating great effort and dedication. Working with love, patience and tenacity, Moler, we like to make our customers feel unique and look different and unique glasses while supporting the causes that Mōler defends.

We understand fashion as something creative and free, where everyone can and should choose whatever you want as your tastes and values being able to choose taking large amount of true information.

We are a brand totally independent of the vast majority of opticians, the large multinational companies, the fast fashion and the disproportionate consumerism, used and meaningless in general. We create and function completely externally to all of this. 

Wishing that the one who understands what we do and knows how to appreciate it, like our designs and creations.