Wood Green:

Our Green wood has great analogies, symbolism, affinities and relationships with the values of Moler.

Nature, beauty, and the green of everything that has to do with the inherent as a forest, a field, a meadow, mountain, plants, trees, etc always will be related to Moler and our glasses of nature.

Green, lucky:

The spring and the autumn color

Red wood:

The color red is one of the primary colors. It was the first color that received name.

The Red of our wood gives that summer and eye-catching tone that indicates happiness, joy and fun, thus is used as one of the best ways; as a symbol of the attraction.

You can use red to call attention, attracting people and motivate them to action. The red color is used when you do not want to fall into depression because it suggests and brings optimism and self-confidence.

Regardless of whether good or bad, red is the color of the passions.

Being a so eye-catching color, Red also means attraction, strength, life, courage and vigor.

It is the color of the animal life, since organisms of the Kingdom of plants do not have red blood.

Being associated with fire, Red also represents the desire, energy, heat and pleasure.

Blue wood:

Blue is also a symbol of fidelity.

Next to the violet, blue is associated with fantasy and utopian ideas. People talk about "blue Princes", as a way of saying that the qualities and characteristics with which describes such characters, are impossible to be achieved in real life.

Why the blue princes are fantastic characters.

Other symbolism attributed to the blue are: masculinity, concentration, sport, knowledge, among others. In this sense, it is curious that today relates this color with the mannish or masculine, because in ancient times it happened otherwise. It was the color of the feminine, as the color of the peaceful, calm and introverted.

Aspects associated with blue:

  • Nobility
  • Science
  • Intelligence
  • Divinity
  • Fidelity
  • Security

Wood white:

It is the most protective color of all, it brings peace and comfort, relieves the feeling of despair and emotional shock, it helps to clean and rinse the emotions, thoughts and spirit.

If you need time and space in your life because you feel overwhelmed, white is the color that can make feel free and forget the oppression.

White key words: light, goodness, innocence, purity, virginity, optimism, perfection.