wood glasses moler handmade in Spain, Valencia. Red rosewood

Add another new wood, in this case the rosewood. We have added it as well as the pink rosewood

Proceeds of a great quantity of different species tropical of the gender of Machaeriun and Dalbergia. According to the type of rosewood is used for some creations or others. 

Wood used to manufacture musical instruments and in high quality cabinet-making works

The rosewood is another coveted timber in the world of cabinetmaking. Exclusive, hard and tough wood. Oily and very fine sanded and polished once. 

Very striking, grain of different sizes and directions. Is characterized by its reddish color with brands more dark of different tones until to get to be even fully black. 

Uses, qualities and varieties depend above all of its origin. This defines the quality of this species. 

With this wood we are now a tone between the macassar ebony wood and zebrawood. For different tastes. All them woods very different especially in appearance.