Natural rosewood

Moler wood glasses handcrafted by hand in Europe, Spain with natural red rosewood

Highly sought after wood in the world of the cabinet-makers. Wood extremely difficult, expensive, very expensive, probably more than macassar ebony, we are talking about a wood of exclusivity and desire for her comparable with macassar ebony.

Becoming more and more difficult to find, their logging today said that it is forbidden, what remains is very limited and for this reason is so exclusive.

Wood probably endangered, it has trafficked much with her according to studies, reports and news. Moved much in smuggling.

Needless to quote and desire by this so and so beautiful wood.

Color characterized pink natural, very sweet working and full of glamour and distinction.

Rosewood wood glasses of as ours are synonymous with a deeply unique and distinctive product.

Fits rating the difficulty of the creation and possession of so bold and true natural rosewood wood sunglasses.

Its natural shades and veining pink with clear backgrounds and their soft touch make a product that is almost impossible to see it like anywhere else in the world.

Is something very different and unique.