Our second brand "By Móler". Handmade by us wooden sustainable products.

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  • Ecospeaker for mobile phones of lenga, kotibe wood and black and silver lacquered beech wood. This are the three options of woods in this product. Handmade also by us. New brand "by Móler" and new product. 

  • Handcraft wooden spanish guitar of Iroko and zebrawood.Handmade as always. Piece of craftsmanship which also has use of sustainer of mobile or any object that you want to place as cards or pens.Also amplifies and improves the sound of smartphones which is really the main goal which was created naturally.Suitable for the majority of mobile. You can put in...

  • Eco-friendly wooden mobile speaker. Made with Spanish walnut and beech wood. You don't have to use electricity or bluetooth, or wifi, or light, but if the mobile need charge, it's possible because the ecospeaker carries hole to be able to load it at the same time used. 

  • Piece of craftsmanship in walnut and maple wood. Is like a little piece of furniture manufactured like a ecospeaker. The use, as well as decorative and as a complement to, is a natural amplifier of sound for smartphones. This product doesn't need cables, USB, or card memory, nor light, wifi or Bluetooth. It has an output for charging the phone at the same...

  • Octagon is another of our sustainable wood mobile ecospeakers. For the use it doesn't need cables, bluetooth, wifi or electricity. Simply it's has of letting fall the mobile and make it sound. It's composed, of course, of wood. In this case there are 2 woods, iroko wood and zebrawood. 

  • Origin is another of our sustainable wood mobile speakers for smartphones.  It's composed, of course, of wood. In this case are also 2, spanish walnut and beech wood. It has makassar ebony wood in the back.  OUT OF STOCK. NOT AVAILABLE

  • Wood stand and ecospeaker for smartphones by Moler designed, handcrafted and made in Spain. Manufactured and available with lenga or mongoy and maple wood. The other wood, the last, down, is oak.  New real wood inventions. 

  • Natural wood sound amplifier for mobiles and at the same time wood stand. Manufactured as all our products, under the same conditions, the same place (Silla, Valencia, Spain) and the same materials, wood. In this case is available in lenga and kotibe wood in the basic wood creation and with red rosewood, zebrawood, ebony makassar or palm of spanish walnut. 

  • The first wood magnifying glass or monocle wood we know that it has existed, as we have seen and a few opticians of our city told us. Made with natural zebrawood. At the moment, we have them with 2 and 2'5 lenses and Mior Sempiterno everlasting.

  • Wooden keyring with the 'New Alhambra' wood glasses form.  Available in zebrawood, macassar ebony and red rosewood.  With the acquisition of one wood glasses of the most value, the wooden keyring what you prefer, will be added to the shipment.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items